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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Reversal

hey guys! i've got an announcement for you. it comes from my band, Minor Mardy. we've just uploaded our newest song called 'The Reversal' to our YouTube channel. so yeah, this track is our demo, first attempt, with no editing at all. yeah. it is a pure demo. you'll hear some mistakes and our conversations during the track. not much. but you'll find it.

the song arrangement is created by Jeremy, and so the guitars. guitar 1, 2, and 3. he played them all. for me, i played the bass, and did some vocals. you can barely hear the vocals, because it's only in the background. not the main. i said earlier that Minor Mardy is an acoustic band. yeah it's still an acoustic band. but 'The Reversal' is our non acoustic song. if you like Mogwai, or Boards of Canada, or Mono, or God is an Astronaut, perhaps you'll like our newest song. you know, perhaps. perhaps.

if you're asking about the song meaning, there is really not much to tell about it. i mean, of course there is a song meaning in every song. but, the lyrics just go 'I'll wait for you' repeated until the end of the song hahaha what can i tell? for me, it's just me waiting for 'something'. not sure what it is. so, instead of finding it, i'd just wait for it, that's why i call this 'Reversal'. but, it's just me, you know, Jeremy might have something better about the song meaning haha.

so, this is 'The Reversal'. enjoy.

download link
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don't forget to check our page on Kaskus, everything you need to know about us is in there. there are the download links of our songs, our list of our next covers, plus you can request songs too. and, please follow our Twitter, we'd love to share what we listen at the moment, and you'll get updates about us. last but not least, please listen to our song using Last.fm. tee-hee-hee i'm asking to much, but thank you very much guys, for at least checking us haha :D

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