"Love more and more, and don't think it will ever turn less" - Kim Taeyeon

Monday, 11 October 2010

Journal #5

Hill Of A Thousand Moons

he said this world is no longer safe
a fraternity shall come and rise again

she said this world is only a bail
a sorority shall come and rise again

the sun is unreachable
separated through the eye that scratched the surface
he sees everything beneath the sun and above the earth

and when the sky goes upside down
a new age of world will come
and you shall rescue me

the earth will shake your sanity
your pain is unbearable
and you will ask for death

the wind will tear your lungs apart
you breathe blood out of your lungs
breathe your own mistake to your god

the fire will burn your heart
no one will help you from burning
your will to hate is the only way to help you

and the water will catch you
just like the fishes from the ocean
you're trapped and cannot see the sun anymore

a fraternity shall come and rise again

and when the saviour of men comes, he will ask the fire
and when the conquerer of fire comes, he will ask the water

how could you choose?

those moons who tried to enlighten your heart has now slayed you
those moons bring you to the hour of darkness

and no one will help you, except you and your god

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