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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Journal #8

my favourite female-fronted-band-after-paramore-and-versaemerge has already released a music video. finally this long waiting shit has ended. and why do i like this female-fronted-band-after-paramore-and-versaemerge? because theyre so powerful and i personally think theyre better than paramore and versaemerge, just sayin. i mentioned their name before, in this blog. remember? oh, and the guitarist is actually hotter than Jack Barakat. not the one who sings with Tay Jardine, i dont really like his hair. remember this alright, Cameron Hurley, not Jordan Eckes, the one in that picture is Jordan. yeah go google Cameron.

We Are The In Crowd - Both sides of the story
(p.s Cameron is the one who stepped on shit in this video)

the thing is, i always thought that theyre going to end their journey, because i havent heard them for such a loooong time. but then they released Both Sides Of The Story MV from Guaranteed To Disagree EP, so stoked. oh, actually, i checked their myspace because Jack Barakat mentioned them on twitter hahahaha. and fortunately, #ifoundout that they released that. and oh my god, Tay Jardine is so hot and gorgeous! and im guessing shes a VersaEmerge fan, because i think Sierra Kusterbeck is the one who invented feather hair -..- haha (watch the video, you'll get what i mean)

photos courtesy of MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/wearetheincrowd)
video courtesy of YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=970Fq3d855E)

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